Based on the Presidential Decree 7/2018 in application of the Directive EU 2015/2302

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Please read carefully the terms of participation below prior to making a booking for one of our organized trips.

The participation in any organized trip of the Travel Agency HYFELIOS SOLE LTD, preconditions the careful study of the programme of the specific trip, as well as the unreserved acceptance from the traveller of the general terms for participation.

The General Terms of participation contain general information and the rights and obligations of the two parties in contract for the organized trip.

As far as specific information is concerned (destination, cost, duration of the trip, date day and time of departure / return, means of transportation, visits, accommodation, etc.), you will revert to the relevant specific programme of the trip.

The travel programmes of the Travel Agency HYFELIOS SOLE LTD, are valid for the period mentioned either in the relevant printouts, or on the website

The Travel Agency HYFELIOS SOLE LTD, for organizing its trips acts as an intermediary between its customers and various service providers such as airlines, shipping companies, bus companies, hotels, etc., aiming always to provide high level services for its customers and to assure their total satisfaction.

The Agency has the right to make changes to the itinerary, before or after the beginning of the trip, if uncontrollable events or technical problems impose it.

If the changes are made before the start of the trip, causing significant changes in the nature of the trip, including the cost of participation, then the participants are entitled to cancel their participation and to be reimbursed the money which they have paid for the specific trip without any additional claims.

If the changes are made during the trip (deemed necessary for dealing with sudden situations that may have come about), then the participants will be obliged to accept these changes as well as to be charged with possible additional costs. E.g. such as the additional / extra use of accommodation, or alternative means of transport.

Our Travel Agency reserves the right to cancel the trip for specific reasons till five days before the departure date of the trip.

In this case, the money returned to the travellers will be only the amount that they have paid, without any other sort of additional claims.


Booking for participation in an organized trip of HYFELIOS SOLE LTD where at least two different travel services are provided, i.e. “package services”, preconditions the signing of a contract between the Travel Agency and the traveller, or the representative of a Group of Travellers, as well as the down payment of the relevant deposit.

For payment methods, deadlines of payments, down payments of deposits and settlements, the terms of payments and deadlines mentioned on each relevant Travel Programme of the Travel Agency HYFELIOS SOLE LTD will apply.

In case of CANCELLATION of participation for whatever reason:

  • The cancellation of participation must be submitted in writing to the Travel Agency accompanied by the corresponding documents in cases of health issues.
  • The deposit is NON REFUNDABLE after the deadline date stated on the Travel programme ensuring the participation with the listed fee (usually 60-90 days before departure depending on the program).
  • If the full amount of the trip has been paid and the cancellation is made up to 30 days before departure, then refunded is the amount MINUS the deposit.
  • For Cancellations that will take place 29 days or less, before the departure date, then the entire amount of the trip will be withheld.


The Travel Agency cannot foresee or check on any possible delays or cancellations in ship or airline itineraries that it uses for its trips, for various reasons such as strikes, accidents, etc.. These are situations beyond the sphere of control of the Travel Agency that can also lead to losses due to the non-execution of the trip. For these situations, it is emphasized that the Τravel Αgency cannot be held responsible.

Also, the Travel Agency does not bear any responsibility for the operating timetable (days, hours) of various places of visit which are included in its travel programme, such as e.g. markets, museums, archeological sites, etc.


Every traveller is responsible for his personal belongings (passports, printed matter, money, luggage, etc.)

Luggage is transported at the responsibility of their owners, regardless of the escort or not of representatives of the Travel Agency. In the event of damage or loss, the relevant International Treaties will apply to every means of transport and to the hotels.


In accordance with Hellenic Law, the Travel Agency HYFELIOS SOLE LTD has a contracted CIVIL LIABILITY INSURANCE policy for every trip it organizes.

It is a special insurance contract for cases of possible liabilities to the customers that might arise from unprovided or reduced travel services of the organized trip. It also covers cases of insolvency, or bankruptcy.

Insurance covering illness or accident of the traveller during the trip is optional and our Agency strongly recommends it especially for trips outside the European Union.

If the traveller wishes, there is the possibility of optional and additional travel insurance for life and personal accidents (with extra charge), which may also cover the costs of cancellation of participation up to a certain point in case of hospitalization.


The Travel Agency and the Traveller are committed to resolve any dispute that may arise during the execution of the contract of the organized trip in good faith.

In case of failure of the relevant efforts, the parties are committed to resort to the Committee for Amicable Settlement of Disputes of the Hellenic Association of Tourist and Travel Agencies (HATTA), and to request its mediation.

If the amicable settlement of the dispute is not possible, then pertinent will be the courts of Athens.


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