Travel & Tourism

We make arrangements for all types and forms of Travel and Tourism:
  • Domestic & International Tourism
  • Incoming & Οutgoing Tourism
  • Classical and Leisure Tourism
  • Alternative Tourism (Adventure Travel, Agrotourism, Business Travel, Conference, Medical, Religious, Sports Tourism, etc.)
  • Bespoke and Tailor-made Tours
Our services include:
  • Transportation Αrrangements (Air, Rail, Bus, F/Boat Tickets, etc.).
  • Accommodation Arrangements
  • Organizing Tours & Itinerary Programming
  • Tour Leading and Guiding

Whether you are interested in traveling as an individual or as a Group, choose the type of Travel that you want from our standard tour packages, or contact us and together we’ll create a tailor-made trip that will best suit your requirements.

  • Find out about all our specialized travel programmes
  • Contact us to arrange your special tour or travel requirements

Contact us to arrange your special tour or travel requirements.


HYFELIOS Travel and Tourism.
We have been organizing trips and tours for 30 years.

A Travel Agency is a crucial component of the Travel and Tourism industry. It also plays a vital role between the travellers/tourists and the traveller suppliers.

At HYFELIOS Travel and Tourism we are all about operating in a responsible manner. Using our experience, we put in every tour we organize everything that a traveller wants, expects, and more.

With responsibility and great care, we provide our customers with high level specialized services, assuring their full satisfaction.

We make sure to deliver a meaningful positive experience that will create memories to last a lifetime.

More about Travel and Tourism

Travel is as old as mankind on Earth.

Travel was originally inspired by the need for surviving (food, shelter, and security), and the desire to expand trade and quest to conquer.
As transportation systems improved the desire and curiosity for travel increased, and thus a new industry was created: Travel and Tourism.

Later the developments of rails, roads, steamships, automobiles, and aeroplanes made travel easier and faster.
Initially, it was a privilege only for wealthy people, but with the industrial revolution the scenario altogether changed. Transportation, as well as accommodation, became affordable to middle and working class citizens.

Today, travel and Tourism is not only one of the world’s largest industries, but it has emerged as a dominant economic force accounting for more that 12% of the total world trade and is still growing.

Types of Tourism

Tourism has two basic types and many forms.

The basic two types are International Tourism and Domestic Tourism.

Domestic Tourism is when people travel within their own country and
International Tourism is when people visit a foreign country.

International Tourism divides further into two types: Inbound Tourism & Outbound Tourism.

Inbound Tourism refers to tourists of outside origin entering a particular country & Outbound Tourism refers to people travelling outside their host/native country to another country.

Forms of Tourism

Tourism has developed into various forms and types on the basis of purpose of visit. These are further divided into many types, categories and forms according to their nature.

Following are some of the most important and better known forms of tourism and alternative tourism of our time:

  • Leisure Tourism – The classical and best known from of tourism.
  • Alternative Tourism
  • Adventure Tourism – Safaris, mountaineering, hunting.
  • Agrotourism/Geotourism
  • Business Tourism
  • Conference Tourism
  • Medical Tourism
  • Religious Tourism
  • Sports Tourism

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HYFELIOS – Travel & Tourism

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We invite you to the world of HYFELIOS. Choose from our specialised tours, or ask us to design a tailor-made trip that will best suit your requirements.
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