Travel Destinations

Choose your Travel Destination and contact Hyfelios Travel & Tourism to organize your trip. 

  • Travel the world, travel to new destinations. Visit new places, different continents, different countries, and discover new places.
  • There is a rich world of travel out there. Make your choice and we will make your trip a reality.
  • From Europe to Africa, from Asia to Oceania, from North America to South America, and from the Arctic to Antarctica. The Destination choices are endless.
  • Looking for an adventure, for a classical tour, for a quick getaway, or a relaxing holiday? There is always the suitable destination to fulfill your dream.

Our Services include:

  • Transportation Αrrangements (Air, Rail, Bus, F/Boat Tickets, etc.).
  • Accommodation Arrangements.
  • Organizing Tours & Itinerary Programming.
  • Tour Leading and Guiding.

Whether you are interested in traveling as an individual or as a Group, choose the type of Travel that you want from our standard tour packages, or contact us and together we’ll create a tailor-made trip that will best suit your requirements.

Find out about all our specialised travel programmes.

Contact us to arrange your special tour or travel requirements.

Travel Destinations

Choosing a travel destination can be quite challenging. There are way too many countries in the world, and it is not that easy to narrow down the selection.

At HYFELIOS Travel and Tourism we organize trips to many parts of the  world. We have a wide selection of tours for each of our destinations and we offer a wide selection of travel options.

There are 195 countries out there that you can visit and an endless array of worthwhile destinations around the globe. It is simply not possible to go everywhere. Our advice is to choose a trip with a longer stay in one country, rather than visiting a lot of places or a few countries at one time. This will help you in getting to know a place better and capture much from its colors and tastes.

Consider your interests and contact us in order to help you decide and make your choice. We are here to help you choose the next destination for your vacation.

Come to Hyfelios Travel and Tourism and you will be hitting the road, or sailing the seas, or soaring the skies in no time.

Theodoros Varaklas
HYFELIOS – Travel & Tourism

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We invite you to the world of HYFELIOS. Choose from our specialised tours, or ask us to design a tailor-made trip that will best suit your requirements.
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