A Note from the Airlines

We would like to inform you of the new EU regulations that will apply from the 6th of November 2006 to and from all airports of European states and are are imposed for the protection and safety of flights and passengers, from the threat of new forms of liquid explosives.

Items which the passenger is not permitted to carry in their hand baggage:

      1. Any kind of liquids including water.
      2. perfumes
      3. gel
      4. creams including toothpaste, lotion and oils
      5. spray
      6. shaving cream, other creams/foams and deodorants
      7. cosmetics and any object similar to the above.

Each passenger can have with them liquids and jells of quantity up to 100ml, only if they are placed in a transparent plastic bag, which can be sealed.

The items excluded from the regulation are medicines that will be used during the flight and baby food for consumption, also during the flight.

Products that may be purchased at airport duty-free shops after the hand luggage inspection or during the flight will also be sealed upon purchase.

Transportation of OIL.

It is strictly forbidden to place oil in  hand luggage, even in small quantities.

Oil transportation will only be allowed if it is packed in a wooden box according to international regulations, will be be accounted for in the total weight of each passenger’s luggage and placed in the luggage compartment only.

Please inform passengers about these new regulations in order to avoid problems upon their arrival at the airport, explaining that these measures are taken entirely for their own safety.